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Eloise Wilcoxson Tribute this Saturday, 5:30pm @Maywood

The remembrance and tribute to Eloise Wilcoxson, the Southlake girl who was killed in the horrific car accident in Fairwood last week, will be at Coach Jon Wagar’s U13 game this Saturday at Maywood Middle School starting at 5:30pm. All Southlake families are invited to attend to provide comfort and show their support for Jon and his team during this difficult time. Eloise’s older sister, Matilda, who used to play for Southlake, also lost her life in the crash.

According to Jon, Eloise was one of the kindest, sweetest and best player/teammate a coach and teammate could ever ask for. She was also a physical presence on the field, having played rugby before joining Jon’s team.  Eloise will always be a 2011 Southlake Phantom.

A reminder about the family’s GoFundMe page – Please consider making a donation to help with their financial needs.

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