Uniform Ordering




Southlake is partnered with local business Protime Sports to provide our players and teams with quality kits while keeping the financial cost low.

All players are required to have the same base uniform package for their team. Each team manager and coach decides the uniform kits and if any add ons are required for their team. Southlake encourages the younger teams to keep the kit basic and entry cost lower. As teams get older other kit items are more necessary.

Goalie Exception

Goalies have two jersey options to choose from in the Recommended section.

If the player is only a goalie and never plays in the field, they do not have to purchase the base uniform. They may choose their bottoms or use our base uniform bottom.  Please check with your coach to be sure you are not playing on the field prior to choosing to not order a kit.

Protime Sports also offers Fan Gear for all our supporters.

 Kit Costs 2022 ($64.35 each)

Your team manager and coach

will tell you exactly what to order for kits.  Generally the full home and away kits will be required.

  • Home Kit: Red Jersey, Red Short, Red Sock
  • Away Kit: Black Jersey, Black Short, Black Sock
  • Alternate Kit:  White/Purple Jersey, White/Purple Short, Purple Sock
  • Alternate Top:  White

Optional Add-Ons (view site for all options):

  • Alternative White/Purple Jersey Kit
  • Alternative Socks (purple)
  • Alternative White Jersey top
  • Warm-Ups (various options)
  • Training Jacket
  • Backpacks

Ordering Instructions

If you have any questions, please reach out to your team manager or coach.