Friday Night Lights Training

Throughout the season, Southlake offers complimentary training and open field time on Friday nights to Southlake soccer players on the Hazen High School turf field. This is one of the many benefits of being part of the Southlake family. The turf is at the northwest corner of the Hazen campus, west of the large water tanks.

Southlake partners with UK International to provide skills training for our Southlake players. The Friday Night Lights training sessions for spring 2023 run from Friday, April 21st through June 9th. The trainings are divided into two sessions by age group. The first session is from 6-7pm for kids under 9 years old. The second session for 9 years old and up is from 7-8:15pm. Families with a 9 year old can choose between either session, depending on soccer experience and convenience.

Our goalkeeper trainer, Makenna Hadaller, will once again train keepers as part of Friday Night Lights this spring. The first session is for ages 8-11 from 6-7:15pm, ages 11-19 train from 7:15-8:30pm.

If there are sufficient players, unstructured, self-organized open field play with adult supervision goes on at the same time from 6-8pm.