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2021-2022 season tryout registration is now open.  Please register here. Registering for Southlake will secure your spot for tryouts.

Selection Process

All players that register will receive a tryout at the time set for their age group.  Most tryouts take place over two 90- minute training sessions.  During this process, the coach(s), along with the VP of Competition will review the player’s skills, abilities, attitude, and coachability during the try out sessions.    Players are then ranked top to bottom and the teams are formed based on the number of players selected.  If there are enough for 2 or 3 teams, then the top group will form the first team (Red Team), then the next group forms the second team (White Team), and then the final group forms a third team (Yellow Team).

Tryout Schedule for Renton Teams

Location:  Hazen High School Field Turf.  1101 Hoquiam Ave NE, Renton WA 98059

Age/GenderDayDateTimeBirth Years
BU14 & BU15Sat15-May9-10:30aBoys '07 & '08
GU14Sat15-May10:30-12pGirls '08
GU13Sun16-May9-10:30aGirls '09
BU14 & BU15Sun16-May9-10:30aBoys '07 & '08
GU14Sun16-May10:30-12pGirls '08
BU13Mon17-May5:30-7pBoys '09
GU13Mon17-May7:00-8:30pGirls '09
BU13Tue18-May5:30-7pBoys '09
BU16 & 17Tue18-May7-8:30pBoys '05 & '06
GU15 & 16 & 17Wed19-May5:30-7pGirls '05 & '06 & '07
BU16 & 17Wed19-May7-8:30pBoys '05 & '06
GU15 & 16 & 17Thur20-May5:30-7pGirls '05 & '06 & '07
Boys and Girls U10Sat22-May9-10:30a2012
Boys and Girls U11Sat22-May10:30-12p2011
Boys and Girls U12Sat22-May12-1:30p2010
Boys and Girls U10Sun23-May9-10:30a2012
Boys and Girls U11Sun23-May10:30-12p2011
Boys and Girls U12Sun23-May12-1:30p2010